Affiliate Disclosure

There are affiliate links in some of our posts. We will get paid by the seller a commission if you click on one of these affiliate product links and then buy anything. The amount you pay for the product doesn’t increase.
These affiliate commissions enable us to continue operating our website.

Why Affiliate Links?

In general, we think employing affiliate links is a better marketing strategy than using standard advertisements.

Other from informing the viewer about a certain product, typical advertisements offer no real value.

With affiliate links, it’s a different story.

You’ll see that each item we recommend using an affiliate link has a description that includes information about what it is, why readers should consider it, and frequently, its advantages and disadvantages. The reader may then determine whether or not they wish to click on the link after receiving some understanding about it.

Our affiliate links are frequently included in side-by-side comparisons and evaluations, giving the reader even more in-depth knowledge about the subject product.

By making this information available, we can assist our readers reduce their time and worry when making purchases (product A vs B). Our reputation depends on our ability to always tell you what the better “item” in a particular comparison is.

The suggestions we offer are the outcome of extensive research, testing, and many hours devoted to a single blog resource, comparison, or review. We take great pleasure in always getting to the bottom of problems and investing the time and effort required to do so.

Do affiliate links make us biased?

You may be asking if we are prejudiced or if our judgement is affected by using affiliate links.

The quick response is no. But there’s more to it:

Our recommendations are never impacted by our connections to the market and are always made solely by the writer who is working on a particular article. The author has complete independence and power to identify the best solution in light of their research and findings.

We only partner with well-known companies who provide high-quality goods. This makes endorsing them quite simple and logical.

Just put, we never promote a product simply because we have a relationship with it. The opposite is true: we only identify with goods that we genuinely believe in.

On the other hand, we’ve also advertised and suggested a significant number of non-affiliate goods and services. WordPress itself (for basic site-building) and WooCommerce are two of the greatest instances of this, and something we suggest across tens of various resources and content pieces (for eCommerce site building).

Why are we telling you this?

First, failing to declare affiliations is against the law.

But aside from that, we’ve made the decision to seize this chance and choose complete transparency. We’re explaining our affiliations and participation in them in such detail because of this.

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